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What are the benefits of e-Land?
  1. More friendly-customer counter service – renovated counter and single point of contact.
  2. Customers can get information and services online.
  3. Customer’s convenience of paying quitrent at one-stop centres (such as Post Office, Telekom Store)
  4. Quitrent payments can be made at any land office within that state as well as via online.
  5. Clients get faster and more efficient services.
  6. Matters regarding survey requests and printing of certified plans can be made online between land administrators and JUPEM.
  7. Reviews from Technical Department can be accelerated with the help of MyGDI.
  8. Internal processing through computer can be made more easy and faster.
  9. Facilitate the decision-making process.
  10. Simplify control and monitoring over the processing.
  11. Easier enforcement is made with information available from the system.
  12. Increased State and Federal revenues.


What land matters are involved in the e-Land project?
  1. Disposal
  2. Registration
  3. Strata Title
  4. Approval / Permission for Ownership Transfer/ Mortgage
  5. Development
  6. Land Reacquisition
  7. Inheritance
  8. Revenue
What is e-Land?

e-Land is a project to develop an integrated land management and administration system through the full use of computers to achieve the government’s desire to implement the Electronic Government in the public service.

Regarding ownership transfer performed by the PA, how is the workflow?

There is no need for the verification from the owner, just by taking the submitter’s biometric is sufficient enough.

Ownership transfer performed through blanket approval, how is the workflow?

Collection of documents for blanket approval can be made with one fingerprint verification.

Pemilik berada diluar negara, perlu buat pengesahan biometrik atau tidak?

Tidak perlu buat pengesahan pemilik, memadai dengan hanya mengambil biometrik penyerah.

If owner cannot be present at the land office, what is the solution then?

Use the portable fingerprint scanner and MyKad reader to retrieve data of landowner and then download the data at the SELAMAT Counter.


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