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We promised and committed to provide quality services according to the core as follows:

  1. The Federal Land Management:
    1. Acquisition of Land - Submitting Federal Land acquisition within one month of receipt of a complete application from the Ministry / Department of Consumer (KJP).
    2. Land Management - Paid Federal Land Commissioner's quit rent to the state government before 1st June 1 each year.
  1. Management of Land Transactions:
    1. Ensure that 90% of registration of land transactions completed within 1 working day.
  1. Small Estate ManagementSolve federal land cases as below ;
    1. A new application (Section 8 Act 98) within 4 ½ months.
    2. The subsequent application (Section 17 Act 98) within (3) months
  1. Administration and Financial Management:
    1. Manage payments within a period not exceeding 10 working days.

Note: Charter was approved in the Management Meeting. 5/2013 on May 29, 2013.


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