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The Sarawak Department of Lands and Mines (Federal) was established in 2000. It served as a branch of the Federal Property Section (SHTP) and it was then known as  the Federal Land Unit of Sarawak, on the 1st October, 2000. The deparment was temporarily not in operation from June 2003 to March 15, 2004 due to difficulties to replace the post transferred to  another department. The Department then officially recommenced on March 16, 2004 until today. By  March 1, 2006, Sarawak JKPTG office was officially relocated  from  Wisma Bapa Malaysia to  Samajaya Commercial Centre, which is located at Tabuan Jaya, Kuching, and remain there until today.


  1. To coordinate and manage matters pertaining to the progress of land applications for Federal projects in Sarawak.
  2. To coordinate and monitor the progress of compensation payment / land premium for Federal projects.
  3. To coordinate and monitor the progress of matters related to alienation of land to PTP.
  4. To create a record centre  (a Land Bank) for State Government Land subject to Section 75 of the Malaysia Act, Alienated Land, and  Federal Reserve Land in the state.
  5. To coordinate and monitor matters pertaining to annual collection of quitrent of PTP,  and to review quitrent collection periodically,  in the Department of Lands and Survey Division.
  6. To coordinate and monitor matters relating to the delivery of  Federal alienated/ reserved land to the State Government.
  7. To provide consultancy services and guides in land management, as an  intermediary between the PTP, the Department of Consumer and the Department of Lands and Survey.
  8. To attend meetings related to Federal Land matters.


Objective, Mission & Vision
  1. To conduct monitoring and coordination work on  Federal Land management with efficiency and quality in line wih the aspirations of the state and national development programme.
  2.  To enhance monitoring and administrative work on  Federal Land Property so as to give maximum contribution to state and national development.
Client Charter
  1. To upgrade  the land management and legal system  in order to be efficient and reach quality standard nationwide, in line with  the  National Development Policy.
  2.  To improve the efficiency of  the Federal land management operating system, settlement of estate distribution, land acquisition, enforcement and  progress in management and legislation.
  3.  To initiate and lead efforts in reforms in land administration in order to ensure that services are delivered  efficiently, productively  and with quality.
Aras 4, Podium 1, Wisma Sumber Asli
No. 25, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 4,
62574 Putrajaya
No. Telefon : +603 8000 8000
Faks              : +603 8889 3855
Email : pertanyaan[@]jkptg.gov.my


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