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The Department of Director General of Lands and Mines (JKPTG) is in charge of managing Federal Government lands in accordance with the Federal Lands Commissioner Act 1957. The acquisition of Federal Lands is for the implementation of projects to benefit the people. The means of acquisition is through purchase, reservation, application to State Governments, or land acquisition under the Land Acquisition Act 1960. To date, the acquisition and management of Federal lands have been carried out successfully through the cooperation from all agencies at both Federal and State levels.

JKPTG also serves in leading the improvement of the country’s land administration. Efforts that have been made to realize this aspect include the setting up of the Special Task Force to assist in the settlement of arrears of land matters; coordination of law and regulations of land management through the amendment of Land Laws; dissemination of Circulars and related Guidelines; and the introduction of ICT usage in land administration and management at JKPTG Headquarters and State offices.

The cooperation of all land administration agencies in every state has also helped in achieving this effort. This has been further strengthened through the introduction of a computerized system where the level of ICT-literacy and culture among land administration members has increased. Our utmost gratitude to all those who have given their cooperation in pursuing the role of JKPTG, and we seek closer cooperation to ensure that these roles can be played even more effectively.

The JKPTG website has been upgraded to meet the needs of customers (stakeholders) comprising of government agencies, private agencies as well as the people; citizens and non-citizens alike. It is hoped that with this upgrade target groups will benefit towards further strengthening the service delivery system of JKPTG. Any views and comments towards the improvement of this website as well as the nation’s land administration are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Datuk Muhammad Azmi Bin Mohd Zain
Director General of Lands and Mines

Aras 4, Podium 1, Wisma Sumber Asli
No. 25, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 4,
62574 Putrajaya
No. Telefon : +603 8000 8000
Faks              : +603 8889 3855
Email : pertanyaan[@]jkptg.gov.my


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