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  • To be responsible for the application and enforcement of the National Land Code, including the proposed amendments, particularly in matters related  Division V dan Division VI.
  • To be responsible for the amendments of the Malay Reservation Enactment, the Continental Shelf Act, etc.
  • To prepare and coordinate the feedbacks of Cabinet meetings, National Land Council Meetings, and the Malaysian Director of Lands Meetings.
  • To act as the Secretariat of technical meetings on  any amendments to the National Land Code, the Malay Reserve Enactment and the Continental Shelf Act.
  • To coordinate, review, update and prepare the KPTG circulars relating to the uniformity of land administration procedures.
  • To provide expert advice on land administration procedures to be adhered by the State Land Administrators.
  • To conduct  research on  issues and matters related to legislation and land administration.
  • To prepare and coordinate answers to the questions arising upon parliamentary debates.


Objective, Mission & Vision


  • To establish a modern land administration system by introducing reforms in  legislation  and land administration at federal and state levels.


  • To assist in establishing a modern, efficient and effective land administration system at state and district levels.
  • To review land  related laws and regulations for the purpose of research on land policy development,  periodically.
  • To conduct research on current issues in land administration, and suggest  recommendations to resolve it (amend, draft, and redraft the laws).
  • To facilitate the quality improvement of the administration and professionalism of the land office.
Client Charter

To provide excellent, fast and accurate service at all times.


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