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SOP Guidelines: Surrender and Discharge of Lands

Application of Surrender and Discharge of Lands
1. Lands that can be applied for surrender/discharge:
  • Federation Land under Article 86 of Federal Constitituion.
  • Federal Reserved Land under Article 85 of Federal Constitution.
2. Application for dicharge/surrender shall be made by the relevant land administrator.
3. Application Method
  • Use Form in Director General of Lands and Mines Circular No 22/76. Form must be signed by the administrator of the relevant land.
  • Attached shaded plans for the applied area of discharge/surrender.
  • Attached reports of land valuation for the area applied for discharge/surrender from Valuation and Property Services Department
  • Indicate Whether is Federation or State Project (Sources of Financing).
  • Indicate Whether Construction / Building / Development are involved.
  • Indicate when will the land be resided. If needed, an immediate meeting/site visiting can be arrange for discussion. Letter of approval to reside the land will be given if considered befit while waiting for the discharge/surrender approval.
  • If replacement Land offered, Plan and Land valuation Report must included together with the Application of discharge/surrender.
4. Completed application need to submit to:
Director General of Lands and Mines
Department of Director General of Lands Mines (Federal)
Section of Enforcement & Federal Revenue,
Level 2, Podium 1, Lot 4G3, Precinct 4,
Federal Government Administrative Centre

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