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The Small Estates Distribution Section of the Department of Director General of Lands and Mines (Federal) (JKPTG) was established on March 01, 1974. The establishment of this section is persuant to the Ninth Schedule, List 1, Item 4 (e) (i) of the Federal Constitution which stipulates that the Federal Government is responsible for the small estate distribution. The main function of the section is to manage all applications for distribution of small estate with the total value not exceeding RM2 million, which consists of immovable property wholly or partly.

In line with the increase of jurisdiction over the years, the section has developed from 11 units in 1974 to 36 units today throughout the Peninsular.


Objective, Mission & Vision

To manage small estate distribution applications fairly and efficiently in accordance with the Small Estates (Distribution ) Act 1955.

Client Charter


To increase the ability in resolving the applications submission and enhancing awareness to the public towards early application of small estate distribution upon the death of the deceased.

Quality Policy

We are commited to provide friendly and excellent services in small estate distribution and to strive for continuous improvements in assuring effectiveness of the Quality Management Systems.

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