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  1. Responsible for matters under Division III of the National Land Code (NLC).
    1. Quit rent
    2. Condition and restriction in interest
    3. Forfeiture
    4. Sub-division, partition and amalgamation
    5. Power of attorney.
    6. Preparation and maintenance of final title registration.
    7. Qualified Title
    8. Surrender of title
  2. Issuance of KPTG circulars, NLC circular letters and guidelines pertaining to the above mentioned.
  3. Coordinate parliamentary answers
  4. Meeting and conference secretariat:
    1. Conference for Land Administrators of Malaysia
    2. Director of Lands Meeting   
    3. Director of Lands/State Deputy Director of Lands Meeting
    4. Development and Legislation Division Meeting
    5. Meeting to set and review annual work targets for Management Development and Legislation Division Meeting
  5. Responsible for Land Conservation Act 1960 and the Land Acquisition Act 1960.
  6. Advice on adminstrative and land legislations.
  7. Response to public complaints


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