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 In the early years of its establishment, the department which was established in 1979, was known as the Special Mobile Unit (Unit Khas Bergerak). The  unit  was responsible for land acquisition and management for the Federal government. The Small Estate Unit on the other hand which was established on 01 Marc 1974  operated at the  Land Office and the District Office  in several districts in the state of Kelantan, namely in the district of Machang, Pasir Mas, and Pasir Puteh.
On 1st. March 1997, based on the concept of  a “ One Roof Administration” the Kelantan Department of Land and Mines (Federal)  was officially established  upon the directives from the top managaement of the Department. The establishment of the Kelantan JKPTG (Federal) is the result of the merging of the Special Mobile Unit (the Acquisition Unit and the Federal Land Unit), the Small Estate Unit, the Enforcement and Tenancy Unit, and the Paddy Cultivation Act Unit. In line with the aspiration to create a department, a Director was then appointed to lead the department. In addition, to ensure the smooth running of the department, the Administration and Finance  Unit was also established.


  • To carry out the land acquisition process in accordance with the Land   Acquisition Act, 1960 and to ensure that the acquisition process can be   resolved so that development rojectscan be carried out according to schedule
  • To assist in the issuance of titles in continuation by way of requisition for  survey made after the completion of the acquisition  processTo monitor  Reserved and  Federal Lands
  • To monitor titles  for Federal Lands
  •  To process applications for small estate distribution


Objective, Mission & Vision
  •  To improve  the land management and legal systems in order to be efficient and reach a quality standard nationwide pursuant to the National   Development Policy
  •  To increase the efficiency of the Federal land management operating system, settlement of estate distribution, land acquisition and progress in  management and legislation.
  •  To initiate and lead efforts in reforms in land administration in order to deliver services efficiently, effectively, productively  and with quality

The objectives of the Land Acquisition Unit

  • To accelerate the process of land acquisition application submitted by Ministries,  Federal and State Departments;
  • To settle the compensation payment, and in some instances, to deposit it in  Court or  Amanah Raya Berhad, as the case maybe.
  • To make a survey application to JUPEM to issue titles of continuation  (if applicable) after the completion of the acquisition process;
  • To refer cases of appeals to the Court pursuant to Section 37 (1) (a) –(d) of the Land Acquisition Ac 

The objectives of the Administration and Finance Unit

  • To ensure that all functions related to services, administration and   financial procedures are implemented in accordance with the requirements of the General Orders and Financial Procedure which are regularly updated.

The objectives of the Federal Property Unit

  • To record, update and control the master files of the Federal Property
  • To update and regulate alienated lands / Federal Reserved Land/ AA Federal Reserved Land / Files for the application of alienation of lands or PTP land reservation and the files for Federal quitrent
  • To write monthly reports on work done by the  Special Task Force
  • To resolve cases related to  the applications of small estate distribution   within the time frame as soon as possible and to reduce expenses and inconvenience to the public as our clients, besides  giving consultancy services to  prospective heirs to claim their parts of the inheritance  / Letter of Administration.

The objectives of Estates Distribution Unit

  • To up-date the Register Document of Title against the substituted benefeciaries (successive benefeciaries)
  • To enhance knowledge and educate the public on the importance of claiming inheritance within six (6) months from the death date of the deceased.
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