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Strata Scheme
Strata scheme is a property development of buildings or land which are divided into parcels, accessory parcels and common property in which management system has been set up. For example, flats, apartments, condominiums, townhouses and landed houses in gated community schemes.
The Importance of Strata Title
Strata title is a proof of ownership for the purpose of dealings. For example, transfer, charge, lease and small estate distribution.
Common Property
Common property refers to any part of the lots which is not comprised in any parcel. For example, visitor parking, elevators, stairs, main tanks and guard house.
Accessory Parcel
Accessory parcel is any parcel which is used exclusively by the parcel proprietor. For example, car park that can only be used exclusively by the proprietor.
Right of Parcel Proprietor

  • To make dealings such as transfer, lease, mortgage, subdivide and amalgamate his parcels;
  • To vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and extraordinary general meeting conducted by the Management Corporation;
  • Rights on common property according to share units allotted;
  • Rights of support and service such as provision of water, sewage, drainage, electricity, garbage collection and other services;
  • Rights to examine records and accounts of the Management Corporation

Duties of Parcel Proprietor

  • To pay contributions to Management fund;
  • To comply with the by-laws currently in force;
  • To attend annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting;
  • To comply with any directives  issued by the public authorities / local authorities to the parcel owned

 Prohibitions for Parcel Proprietor

  • to use the parcel for any illegal purpose;
  • to use fuels which may give rise to smoke or stinking  smell;
  • to throw or drop any refuse or rubbish to the common property area;
  • to keep any animal in his parcel  which causes annoyance to any other proprietor.

Management Fund
The management fund is managed by the Management Corporation. It includes management fee / service charges of the common property, fire insurance premiums, special accounts and others.
Management Corporation
The Management Corporation is a corporate body which may prosecute or be prosecuted. It exists under the Strata Titles Act 1985 and does not need to be registered with the Registrar of Companies or the Registrar of Societies. It has a perpetual succession right.
Powers of Management Corporation

  • to determine any payment to be made by each parcel proprietor to the management fund
  • to purchase, hire or otherwise acquire movable property for the benefits of all the proprietors
  • to comply with any notices or orders given or made by public/statutory authorities to do anything on the common property;
  • to take action against parcel proprietor if he fails to comply with the directives within a certain period of time

Duties of Management Corporation

  • to manage and maintain the common property for the benefits of all parcel proprietors;
  • to insure the building from fire and other risks;
  • to pay insurance premiums and other prescribed rate;
  • to display the name and address of the Management Corporation at the entrance and provide a mail box;
  • to comply with any notice or instructions issued by local authorities in relation to common property

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