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Lease of Federal Government Land  Federal Lands Commissioner (PTP) is the registered proprietor of land owned by Federation and as the Officer having the control of the Federal’s reserve lands. Department of the Director General Land and Mines (JKPTG) had been responsible for managing these lands in conjunction with the Federal Ministries/Departments of user (KJP) who using the land.
Nowadays, there are alienated lands and the Federal’s reserve land that have yet to be further developed with the planned development projects on some reasons. The Federal Government may lease such land to any parties who are qualified as follows for a period of not less than 3 years and not more than 99 years.
For Peninsular Malaysia, the lease period is not less than 3 years and not more than 99 years for alienated land and not more than 21 years of reserve land. For the lease on part of land, the term shall not exceed 30 years. For Sabah and Sarawak, the lease period is not less than one year but not exceeding the term of the lease granted to the Federal Lands Commissioner (PTP).
Lease application can be submitted in written directly to JKPTG. Each application received will be processed in accordance with JKPTG Lease Application Process Procedure as Land Leases Process Flow Chart used by this Department. An Agreement of Land Lease will be signed between the successful applicants with the PTP.
Parties eligible to apply:

  1. The statutory bodies / cooperation.
  2. Corporations / local companies which majority shares owned by Malaysian citizens.
  3. Bodies and organizations registered under the Societies Act 1960.
  4. No restriction in terms of the laws such as declared as bankrupt and etc.

Application procedure:
All applications must contain the following items:

  • Application letter together with applicant's full address and signed.
  • Purpose of leasing.


Status and details of the lease land applied as follows:

  • Lot No. / Building No.
  • Title No. / Reservation gazette No.
  • Mukim / Town/ City
  • District
  • State
  • Copy of the title
  • Latest official Search Result
  • Location Plan /Site plan

If the application from the company, need to enclose:

  • Copy of company registration certificate
  • Copy of article maa
  • Copy of form 24 dan 29
  • Copy of r.o.b.

All application must be submitted to JKPTG at the following address:
Section of th Federal Land Property
Level 2, Menara Block
Lot 4G3, Precinct 4
Federal Government Administrative Centre
Tel No. : 03-8871 2000
Fax No.: 03-8889 3855
Small Lease for Office Space / Buildings
Federal Lands Commissioner is responsible for signing  the lease agreement for land and buildings for the use of Federal Agencies in Sabah, Federal Territory of Labuan and Sarawak for more than one (1) year leasing period only. Procedures of standardized procedures and agreements can be found in the Federal Lands Commissioner Circular.


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