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Date : 24 January 2018

Venue : Lands and Mines Office, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

The World Bank has recognized Malaysia's success in improving performance in the public sector by producing a Knowledge and Research report in November 2017, The Malaysia Development Experience Series titled Enhancing Public Sector Performance: Malaysia's Experience with Transforming Land Administration to be shared with other countries on Malaysia's progress in transforming land administration through the electronic system of e-Tanah. This report focuses on:

  1. Documenting on how Malaysia improved its public sector management to be emulated by other developing countries.
  2. Focusing on land administration and policy services as it is a major factor contributing to the governance of a country.
  3. Make Peninsular Malaysia an example of a number of programs and initiatives that can improve the land management system and services.
  4. Land administration in Malaysia in terms of constitution and law involving the Federal government and state governments as well as various other agencies.
  5. Malaysia's success in delivering efficient land administration services despite having complex constitutional structures and laws.
  6. Introduction to qualified titles, business-process re-engineering, ICT tools and private-public cooperation that can offer innovative business models for government consideration.
  7. Integrated systems involving proposed cadastral and registration systems. and proposed registration.
  8. Effective National Geospatial Data Infrastructure requires clear policies and legislation so that roles and responsibilities of data and user suppliers can be defined.


  • A quality land policy and management is very important for obtaining land titles, a well-functioning land market and sustainable land management and contributing to economic development, efficient delivery system to the people and environmental conservation.
  • There are several main keys in Malaysia's success in transforming land administration that can be emulated by other countries:
    1. Temporary title issuance with third-class size for spatial definitions is an effective measure for systematic registration.
    2. Business-Process-Re-Engineering is an effective process for improving the quality of service delivery. If it is implemented with strong support from the government, it can break the long-established silos.
    3. Effective use of ICT in the process of standardization, enhancing service delivery and providing spatial data for greater use in government and society.
    4. In a complex environment, a clear mechanism is needed to implement effective land-based policies. This is important so that the rights of certain groups can be protected.
    5. Public Private Partnerships (PPP) can offer innovative business models for government consideration but proper considerations in terms of governance, contracting, implementation, design, monitoring and impact are needed to ensure safe property ownership and good property market are the cornerstones of economic development and social stability to a country.


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